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Jackie’s Catering Creations

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Jackie’s Creative Catering is Central Florida’s premier caterer for Corporate Events, and Social Gatherings. They are very professional and their food is impeccable. Jackie’s has also been the selected caterer for Hunt Industrial Parks’ Holiday Parties.

Specializing in American Cuisine, Jackie always looks forward to preparing different foods from Italian Cuisine to Back Yard BBQ’S. She offers taster’s test to her clients until the client’s taste is satisfied. Her greatest compliment from customers is that her food reminds them of their mothers or grandmothers. Good food often brings back good memories!

 In addition to her catering business, Jackie also operates an incubator kitchen that allows other small food related business to develop. If you haven’t tried Tia Chips (the best plantain chips ever) then stop by sometime and grab a bag.

 Whether you are looking for a fantastic caterer to help “make” that special event or a fresh and delicious lunch, Jackie’s is the place to go.  Enjoy!

  For more information visit their website or call 407-421-8066


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